About the Association of American-German Business Clubs e.V (AGBC)

The American-German Business Clubs now has approximately 700+ members.

These members come from a wide background of professions, including finance, telecommunications, media, entertainment, law, travel, construction, real estate, consultans, defence, language services, insurancre, publishing, education and various marketing and communication services.

The AGBC consolidates expertise in American and German business relations. To tap this expertise for members and non-members, the AGBC is compiling a reference database as an online Business Directory for the benefit of all.

AGBC Munich

With a keen interest in promoting business contacts, the AGBC Munich Chapter provides a well-rounded business networking platform with strong contacts to the Munich Area American, German, and international business communities.

AGBC Frankfurt

The American.German Business Club Frankfurt e.V. was founded in 1994. It is the second largest AGBC chapter in Germany. While our goal is to foster and improve German-American relations both, commercially and personally, we welcome members of all nationalities.

AGBC Heidelberg

The American German Business Club Chapter in Heidelberg is dedicated to the concept of NETWORKING, i.e. getting Americans and German together on a regular basis to meet, connect, give and ask for help and assistance.

It’s members are diverse: from a variety of industries both small and large companies, subsidiaries of U.S. companies, or German companies with U.S. affiliations.


The American-German Business Club is a unique platform for expats and international families living in Bonn. We organize meetings with speakers from many professions and with diverse backgrounds. Events are always held in different interesting locations and sometimes in cooperation with other international organizations.

AGBC Wiesbaden – Mainz

With well over 20,000 Americans working and living in the Wiesbaden Mainz area, local aspects of business relationships between Americans and Germans have become increasingly relevant. Together with their German partners, colleagues or competitors, Americans constitute a distinguished community working for the US-Army European Headquarters, for one of the many companies supporting US Forces or in one of several dozen companies with American oversight.

This chapter serves as a forum for the exchange of ideas, information, knowledge, and opinions among members and guests. It supports activities improving mutual understanding and creates a unique environment for business opportunities.

AGBC Stuttgart

Located in the heart of Baden-Württemberg, the AGBC Stuttgart e.V. is ideally situated to bring together U.S. and German business people, who work in this economically strong region with a high quality of life.

Stuttgart and Baden-Württemberg are home to many innovative branches of the high-tech industry, as well as world-renowned firms, such as Daimler, Porsche, Bosch, Hewlett-Packard, Agilent, IBM, Siemens, their suppliers, and many others.  The AGBC offers a personal and profitable exchange between the U.S. and German business communities.

AGBC Kaiserslautern

The American German Business Club Kaiserslautern serves the German American community in one of the most vibrant cultural areas in Rheinland-Pfalz. Our organization serves as a meeting place for mainly Germans and Americans but also other nationalities to gather to network, discuss current events, exchange valid information and talk about business matters.

The Kaiserslautern chapter has been founded more than 20 years ago and is committed to encouraging all size businesses and cultural interested people. You are invited to join us at any of our gatherings – whether you are in business or not, needing information on staying in Germany or looking to connect with an international group of people.